What you need to do know when planning for your or a loved one’s death.

I would like to thank you all for allowing me to be vulnerable in my last blog where I reflected on my mom’s passing. This time around, I’d like to share some tips based on my recent experience of planning for the death of a loved one. Here are five tips that I can share:

1. Collect important documents. Gather all your important documents and contact information, including digital assets, passwords, and social media accounts, and keep them in one place.

2. Execute a last will and testament or a living trust. Do this with the help of an attorney, especially if you have assets and family members to consider.

3. Complete a living will or advanced directives. This provides instructions for medical decisions if you become medically incapacitated.

4. Choose who will be the power of attorney. Appoint a power of attorney to execute your will and instructions.

5. Plan for funeral arrangements. When it comes to this, be specific with your instructions, including how to finance the funeral and your preferences regarding burial, cremation, or organ donation.

If you need more help with planning for the death of a loved one or anything else, call or email me. I’m always happy to help.